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Ecogreen Line

Capardoni is proud to be the first Italian company to develop a complete line of packaging made entirely out of materials from renewable vegetable sources: bottles, jars, caps and lids.

This important success is the result of Capardoni’s constant commitment to ecology, by innovating its range with advanced, convenient packaging that is also ecological.

Capardoni have demonstrated their ability to respond to environmental issues with solutions and operating methods that reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, such as use of energy from renewable sources in the production of its packaging (a photovoltaic roof installation that saved 285,6 tons in CO2 emissions in 2017).

We will continue to build on the results we have achieved, and will use them as the basis for more ambitious future projects for the development of innovative, environmentally sustainable packaging.

Contact us for more information on our new ECOGREEN Line. We can meet the challenge of ecologically sustainable packaging together!