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Make-up & Skincare Make-up & Skincare

The Skincare collection is the ideal solution to create your cosmetic line.
Numerous types of packaging available in different shapes and materials: glass or plastic jars and bottles, combined with a wide range of accessories.
Capardoni offers to cosmetic market a broad catalogue of standard products configurable and selectable through an intuitive and easy-to-use configurator. Our team of specialised consultants is here to provide technical and commercial support, as well as offering customised solutions to fully respond to specific needs and exclusive products.

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Nail Polish Nail Polish

The sector has undergone remarkable expansion in recent years, thanks in part to a series of innovations in materials and treatments.
Our story began in the 1940s, when the Capardoni family founded a company that would soon become a leading producer of nail polish bottles. To date, our offer includes complete packaging in glass bottles – cylindrical, square or other shapes – with countless combinations of accessories.

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Perfumery Perfumery

The offer comprises a wide range of high-quality glass bottles of different shapes and sizes, combined with different accessories, materials and colours, and completed with customised decoration to make the product unique.
We develop “tailor-made” custom projects, as well as “factice” i.e. oversized perfumes for launching a new product.

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Home Fragrances Home Fragrances

A complete range of Home Fragrances, with a choice of high-quality glass of different shapes and sizes, combined with luxury, natural or other accessories to suit every style and need.

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Personal Care Personal Care

Full packaging solutions of PE – PET – PETG bottles with a choice of numerous accessories for every type of body care product. Capardoni can respond competitively and efficiently to requests for both large volumes and medium quantities (1 pallet). Our team of consultants specialised in the Personal Care sector is also available to develop and produce customised solutions for exclusive and differentiated products.

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Caps for Alu Tubes Caps for Alu Tubes

With the acquisition of Guiros, a historical brand founded in 1956 and known for its production of moulds and unscrewing moulds, Capardoni expanded its activity to the food sector.
This sector products are distinguished by a very high production standard, combine technology and high product quality, and make use of qualified advice and technical/commercial support. For multi-component items, customers can also benefit from a flexible and functional internal assembly department.

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Sustainable Pack Sustainable Pack

A complete range of eco-friendly bottles, jars, closures and flip-tops made with materials from renewable plant sources and recycled plastic designed to be differentiated in the same recycling chain as traditional plastic, guaranteed by the Capardoni Green logo.