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Capardoni acquires Novapack

Capardoni opens the year 2020 by announcing the acquisition of Novapack International, an Italian Company specialized in the trading of glass and crystal for perfumery and cosmetics.
The new operational synergy between Capardoni and Novapack in the perfumery market is a significant step for both Companies.
For Capardoni, the confirmation of a growth and consolidation path with great attention to materials, products and markets able to complete its range of products and services.
Novapack finds, together with the acknowledgement of a qualified presence in niche markets, a strong Company able to provide resources, skills and organization for a further development of the activities.
The standard range of products for the perfumery is enriched with new products and the possibility to develop “tailor made” projects starting from the creation of technical drawings, resin mock-ups, moulds production, assistance on the entire development process and the proposal of accessories for a full packaging solution.